001 | another year off to a good start

This is the third year running that I have stood on this bridge and shot one of the few professional firework displays in Amsterdam on New Year's Eve. It is hard to find a spot where you can get in front of the crowds to see the ground level fireworks and at the same time avoid most of the trees on a tree-lined canal.


Most of the Amsterdam New Year's fireworks are launched from each and every direction and are impossible to anticipate. Any tips on how to capture those would be greatly appreciated.

Finally after many attempts to capture fireworks I am getting a better feel for how long to expose these shots and avoid completely blown out blooms of fireworks. Focal length 20mm (32mm in 35mm) 1s on bulb setting f/11, ISO 100 Manual settings.

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Great website, really like the lasyout, not 100% sure on my current setup. But then i am only part way through year 1 and by the sounds of it you are a seasoned photographer! Thanks for stopping by my site today, will definately add you to my links and RSS feed.

March 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterProphecyBlur

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